The Top 6 Postgraduate Courses for Entrepreneurs

BBC Director-General Tony Hall receives an Honorary Doctorate from the University of South Wales (PRNewsFoto/University of South Wales)

Any budding entrepreneur knows the best way to improve business and leadership skills is through constant learning. If you are looking to build your own business, or improve a current company, here are the top six postgraduate courses for entrepreneurs.

MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

At the University of Warwick, entrepreneurs can work towards creating a fully-fledged business. This course is oneyear full-time and will teach you how to create and develop an effective and innovative business. For those entrepreneurs with other commitments such as a job or family, the University of Manchester offers a very similar course, which can be taken part-time in two years.

MSc in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management

The Imperial College London is one of the five best universities within the UK and that is why many budding businesspeople choose to study here. Not all entrepreneurs want to start their own business and this course offers something a little different. Unlike many of the other courses listed here, this postgraduate course (one year, full-time) focuses on preparing its students for many careers, whether this be commencing their own business, improving a current organisation, or consulting on current industries.  

MSc in Business Strategy and Entrepreneurship

At Cardiff University, students can choose to work on their business strategy and will start this one-year course (full-time) with a plan for their new business venture. By the end of thecourse, students will see their business plans grow and flourish. Cardiff Business School doesn’t want to just see businesses grow; they strive towards social improvement alongside economic development.

MSc in Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Innovation

For those who want to study internationally, the ESCP Business School has locations in Berlin and Paris, with the course being taught in English. This course is two years, full-time, meaning you need to be able to live and work abroad for this amount of time. This degree is designed for those entrepreneurs who mean to make a change to the world, working on environmental and social problems and improvements. Travelling to another country to study may not be for everyone, but for those wanting to break into the international market, this degree is perfect.  

MSc in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The London School of Economics (LSE) and Political Science offers this course, with a duration of just one year, studied full-time. Students on this course will acquire skills to launch and grow their own social or business enterprise. LSE is one of the most popular campuses for entrepreneurs, paving the way to success in one of the most influential business cities in the world.  

Online MSc in Entrepreneurship Management and Innovation

For students looking to study online, the University of Bath offers the chance to improve entrepreneur skills, solely online. This means no traveling to and from university, making this course perfect for those who want to work around their study. This course lasts 27 months and is part-time. Whether you are looking to start your very own enterprise, improve and expand a family business, or make waves in the company you are currently working for, this course provides the opportunities to work with leading academics to bring any idea to life.

Choosing the Right Course for You

Above are six of the top postgraduate courses for entrepreneurs in the UK and Europe but there are many more to choose from. If you want to discover more UCASpostgraduate courses for entrepreneurship, Uni Compare allows you to search with as many filters as needed to find the courses suitable for you. Explore this search from Uni Compare for more information on the leading entrepreneur courses.

This list can help you to find the right course to expand your business acumen and become a leader in business.

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