Borough Market stays open with new public health measures


Borough Market, London’s world-renowned historic food market, is remaining open for business after taking a series of hygiene and public health initiatives to combat the spread of COVID-19.

Community areas have been re-designated and public events cancelled so inter-personnel contact can be kept to a minimum, while allowing traders to meet demand for quality food and produce.

The market’s managing director Darren Henaghan said today: “We have taken steps to shift the nature of the Market from a place of congregation and engagement to one in which contact is kept to a minimum.

“The place is quiet – disconcertingly so for anyone used to the usual throng – meaning that unnecessary contact can be easily avoided.”

Steps taken include:

  • Communal seating being removed from the Borough Market Kitchen
  • Public events outside of the Market’s usual offerings being cancelled
  • On-site staffing reduced due to non-frontline staff working from home
  • Extra hand-washing stations for both traders and customers installed
  • Increasing site cleansing

A delivery and collection service, Borough Market Online, is offering an alternative way for customers to access Market produce. Strict hygiene practices mean that the food is securely packaged, and the option of a doorstep-drop service allows it to be received without contact with couriers.

Mr Henaghan added: “The Market’s offering is quite different to what is available from supermarkets and we aim to remain a haven for food lovers while supporting our small, independent businesses.

“Borough Market has served this community for a thousand years, through thick and thin. It has survived wars. It has lived through food shortages and curfews. As recently as 2017, our community withstood the trauma of a terrorist attack and the subsequent weeks of closure. It did so by remaining close and supportive, by caring about people—and that’s how we’ll get through this crisis too.”

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