Local engineering company growing after recent success


Following recent success, TECOSIM UK, a world-leading engineering company, has expanded its head office in Basildon, Essex. The company has also developed its engineering technical facility in Leamington and its newest office in Cluj, Romania. This recent growth will help to boost jobs in the local area and re-affirm TECOSIM’s position as a leading UK engineering firm.

Already being put to use, the larger facilities will help TECOSIM to provide time and cost-saving services to resolve their clients’ engineering challenges. TECOSIM specialises in using Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE), to simulate the performance of a wide range of engineered products, identify any faults and improve the design. This is achieved by simulating real-world environments and stressors that could impact a product’s performance and structure, such as a destructive car crash.

Commenting on the recent growth Gareth Evans, Operations Director at TECOSIM said, “We’re delighted to be experiencing such positive growth in the company. With a diverse portfolio of partners, we have worked hard to ensure that every need is met and every possibility thought out. Providing new facilities to our staff will support them in their roles as they set out to deliver cost-effective, quality services to every client.

“In every project, we aim to deliver value for current needs as well as any potential future requirements. The same can be said of this expansion. The added value will be felt immediately, with added room to grow and develop the business further.”

Having experienced high demand, delivering numerous client projects, the decision was made to extend the head office into the recently vacated building next door. Being able to expand the workshop has granted staff more space for test rigs and to showcase some of TECOSIM’s standout projects. The company now has the facilities to accommodate future growth and successes in one of the UK’s most important industries.

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