Southend shopping centre The Royals supports Purple Tuesday accessible shopping days


Exciting plans are underway as The Royals addresses a significant issue on the 12th November and every following Tuesday; ensuring the centre is an accessible environment for all!

What’s it all about?
With nearly one in every five people in the UK having a disability or impairment, and over half of households have a connection to someone with a disability.

Purple Tuesday 2019 is an international call to action, focused on changing the customer experience for disabled people. It will involve organisations of all sizes and from all sectors taking decisive, practical actions to meet the needs of disabled customers.

The Purple Tuesday initiative was created to recognise the importance and needs of disabled consumers and promote inclusive shopping.

The Royals, along with other retailers across the UK, play an important role within local communities for carers and disabled consumers and creating a welcoming space is particularly significant.

As part of its commitment to address this significant issue, on 12th November 2019, The Royals is participating in Purple Tuesday on the 12th and every single week– established to embed inclusive shopping and recognise the importance and needs of all consumers.

Dawn Jeakings, Centre Manager said ‘The scheme aims to help people with disabilities to feel confident and calm whilst visiting The Royals through offering a range of specialised services. Even small changes can have a huge impact on a consumer’s shopping experience such as taking a lead in helping people with Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) to have a far more enjoyable shopping experience by turning off the piped music in the centre’s atrium and also turning off the hand dryers in the toilets.’ Dawn adds: ‘As an inclusive shopping centre, we are constantly looking for ways to create a more accessible environment for shoppers. That’s why everyone at The Royals is fully behind the campaign. Our welcome team will be identifiable by their purple badges and will be available to assist shoppers with any specific needs or requests that they might have.’

Other services will include: special assistance while shopping inside stores; providing a guide to help shoppers and carers around the centre; or simply providing a temporary safe haven to sit in a quiet location.

Purple Tuesday is being coordinated by disability organisation Purple, with the endorsement of the Department for Work and Pensions.

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