Upside Down House launches in Essex


Following the success of Brighton’s topsy-turvy attraction, the South East is now about to be treated to its own Upside-Down House experience; inviting shoppers to see intu Lakeside shopping centre in Essex from a whole new perspective.

Positioned in the amphitheatre in front of House of Fraser, the Upside-Down House is a hybrid of street art and experiential entertainment. Only the second of its kind in the UK, the inverted wooden structure provides visitors with a zero-gravity illusion experience in a safe and family friendly environment.

The house is arranged over two storeys and fully furnished with a kitchen, bathroom, living room art and bedroom. Visitors are invited to walk on the ceiling and lose themselves going downstairs to go up and letting their imagination run riot as they capture the perfect photo!

Tom Dirse, CEO of Upside-Down House UK, said: “We are really excited to open our latest house in Lakeside and get the people of Essex flipped upside down! It’s an experience like no other; everyone should walk on the ceiling at least once in their life. We’re really looking forward to seeing how inventive people can be while capturing their visit.”

As the seasons change, so does the Upside-Down House. An in-house interior designer, ensures visitors get the most diverse and realistic experience during the year, transforming it from a scary haunted house for Halloween to a snowy and festive abode at Christmas time, complete with inverted reindeers and colourful lights.

The Upside-Down House is fast becoming one of the UK’s must-see tourist attractions, and further site announcements are expected later in 2019.

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