MegaBuzz Music Promotions Review on their Services and Company Profile


Since the year 2010, MegaBuzz Music Promotions has been establishing itself as a forerunner within the companies that handle music publicity and entertainment PR. MegaBuzz has been continuously proving and establishing itself as a name to reckon with owing to their partnerships with leading names in the music industry as well lucrative stints and features like helping to devise a strategy to maximize PR exposure, securing coverage in national radio and television shows, along with the provision for PR ideas that are worthy of headlines, and inviting big artists to sign up with them.

MegaBuzz and the accolades that they have achieved over the years

With a vast experience in having worked with artists that have an eclectic style of music, MegaBuzz has been successful in handling the publicity and PR requirements of some notable artists like Snoop Dogg, Dinah Jane and Tinashe. Legends, which include Chris Rea, Rod Stewart, Paul Simon, Van Morrison, Russell Watson, Brian Eno, Russell Crowe and Kiss, along with other eminent artists and high-profile clients, have been part of the prestigious clientele that MegaBuzz Music Promotions have worked with in the past.

Eminent and noteworthy publications like The Guardian, The Independent, The Sunday Times, as well as Daily Mail have praised MegaBuzz for their ardently creative and popular PR campaigns. They have also received recognition and have been featured in Music Week and PR Week, citing them to be one of the most multi-layered and creative PR and publicity companies that the music and entertainment industry has.

Things that set MegaBuzz apart

They are known for their focused and creative approach towards publicity and marketing, while also helping kick-start careers or compounding on ones that are already set and in motion. An example of the same would be Nickleback, and the work that MegaBuzz had done to promote their track ‘Rockstar’.

Known for their successful collaborations with massive entertainment companies in the United Kingdom, like Sony, Universal, Warner Music, BMG, MegaBuzz has truly earned the respect and popularity that it has amassed. Even independent labels with major fame and impact like Ministry of Sound, Demon Music Group and Little Indian, to name a few, have worked with MegaBuzz and gained enormous success, while praising the company for its exemplary services. One of the most lucrative features that MegaBuzz is known to provide is the development of creative and attention grabbing themes, that are masterfully targeted through robust PR channels to attract the excitement of an highly competitive demographic which involves people from the ages of 12-17.

The inception of MegaBuzz

Created by Victor Hart, MegaBuzz Music Promotions has been privileged to have an eminent and experienced founder who has had held prestigious roles in the publicity departments of renowned labels like MCA, Jive and Polydor. Subsequently in his career, he went on to become the Director of Publicity for one of the leading FMCG PR companies in the country, Jackie Cooper PR. During his time at Jackie Cooper PR, Victor developed an acute understanding in creating funky and targeted campaigns that are newsworthy. He also developed a brilliant understanding in being able to link the consumer and retail with popular and celebrity aspects in the industry, while also being great at handling pressure. All these effective and attractive qualities have been endowed and ushered into MegaBuzz upon its creation.

Services that are a highlight of MegaBuzz Music Promotions

There are a number of attractive services that can be availed as part of the PR and publicity services that MegaBuzz Music Promotions offers to rock, folk, indie, as well as classical artists. These services range from regional PR, national PR, student promotions, online PR and street ‘guerilla’ teams.

MegaBuzz has rightfully become a competent champion in the music promotions, music marketing and PR industry, as has been elaborated with the details enumerated above, and is taking the industry with a storm owing to their innovative and brilliant PR ideas.

Visit their website: https://www.megabuzzmusicpromotions.comfor more information

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