Top Daytrips For New Mum Meghan Markle and Baby Boy


After much anticipation, Meghan Markle has officially welcomed Britain’s newest Royal to the family. Whilst the world eagerly awaited the newest arrival, Picniq asked their community where they took their new-born baby on their very first outing.

The family favourite website identified parks and open green spaces as the top choice for new parents to venture out and introduce their baby to the big wide world. Mums and dads who use the website regularly were full of recommendations for new parents including museums, art galleries aquariums and cruising along local canals for baby’s first day out.

As Meghan begins to think about her first activity with her new baby, Picniq offer their suggestions on the best parent friendly locations for those special first-time experiences.

When it comes to exploring the park, it’s important to find places not only picturesque and safe but also suitable for strolling with a pushchair. Picniq’s recommendations for great parks for parents and buggies include Hyde Park, London, The New Forest, Hampshire, South Sheilds Marine Park, Tyne & Wear, The Old Colwyn Coastline, North Wales, Sutherland’s Grove, West Argyll and The Walking trail- Ickworth, Suffolk.

The serenity of museums is a perfect place for parents to feel safe in the knowledge that baby won’t be woken. Top picks for baby friendly museums are The British Museum, London, Brunel’s SS Great Britain, Bristol, Merseyside Maritime Museum, Liverpool, National Museum, Cardiff, Oxford University Museum of Natural History, Oxford.

For a colourful yet calming indoor experience for tired babies and sleep deprived parents an Aquarium can provide just the right respite, Picniq features aquariums and Sealife Centres around the country include, Sealife Birmingham, Bournemouth Oceanarium, Sealife London and Deep Sea World, Scotland.

Claire Skerrett, Founder of Picniq commented, “We understand taking a little one on their first adventure can be daunting, which is why we asked our community for their personal experiences and thoughts on initial family outings. Feeling comfortable and secure in taking your first outing with baby is so important. In the UK we are very lucky to have so many locations and attractions with high quality baby friendly amenities which are great value for money, staffed by empathetic and welcoming teams, making a new parents first trip out with baby the wonderful experience it should be.”.

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