Local Charity puts best foot forwards in socks and sandals week launch


Local charity, Lepra, is excited to launch a special socks and sandals week from 13th – 19th May, encouraging the public to take part by wearing their funkiest socks and sandals combination all to raise much needed funds to help diagnose people in India, Mozambique and Bangladesh with leprosy, along with providing a cure and any post treatment care that they may need.

The Colchester based charity put their best foot forwards earlier this week by all wearing their snazziest socks and sandals to the office, to mark the beginning of socks and sandals week.

Leprosy affects 600 people per day, with 50 of these being children. Leprosy often damages the nerves in the feet, leaving people susceptible to injuries and ulcers.

Lepra provides protective, custom-made sandals to help people walk comfortably without fear of injury. These simple sandals cost just £3 to make and help children return to school, and adults rebuild their lives.

Each pair of sandals is carefully designed for each individual, providing comfort and encouraging early healing of wounds and ulcers, whilst also preventing further injury and disability. Something as simple as having shoes that fit can contribute to restoring a person’s dignity and making them feel comfortable in their community again. Last year we provided more than 30,000 pairs of protective shoes to people with leprosy and lymphatic filariaisis, and with your help we can provide more this year.

Find out how you can get involved in our Socks and Sandals week: https://www.lepra.org.uk/socks-and-sandals

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