CRG Medical Services set to deliver healthcare services in to HMP Chelmsford


CRG Medical Services has secured two new exciting contracts which, from the 1st April, will see it take over services at 12 new locations, across five separate counties: Bedfordshire, Cambridge, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk, as well leading on the delivery of integrated healthcare services in to HMP Chelmsford.

The company – which provides forensic medical services to police forces across the UK, through its provision of Forensic Medical Examination and Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) services – will aim to bring the same high quality and innovative clinical solutions it currently delivers to 8 existing customers to the new sites and to continue improving standards across the board going forwards.

The contract with CRG Medical Services, which replaces the incumbent contract with G4S, marks additional significant growth for the business in this sector, creating 60 new positions across the five counties. It also brings to 8 new similar contracts won by the company across this specialist sector in the past 16 months.

Chris Bailes, Medical Services CEO commented: “The five counties contract is an exciting new chapter for CRG Medical Services that will involve our team overseeing 12 new sites, including Aylesham, Bury St Edmonds, Cambridge Parkside, Great Yarmouth, Hatfield, Kempston, Kings Lynn, Luton, Martlesham, Peterborough, Stevenage and Wymondham.

“Having originally won the contract in October last year, we have spent many months preparing for the mobilisation of this new business and are all really excited to now go live on 1st April, and step up to the challenge of delivering a bespoke healthcare provision that’s able to fulfil the needs of each and every one of the 12 sites.”

Following this latest contract win, CRG Medical Services has firmly positioned itself as the market leader for forensic medical services in Police custodies in the UK. The company owes its success to its ability to deliver a relatively unique service in conjunction with its partners, which understands the intricacies, sensitivities, and the highly specialist nature of custodial healthcare.

The new contract to deliver integrated healthcare services in to HMP Chelmsford marks a significant further and exciting extension of our core business and joins the recently secured services we now provide in to HMP Altcourse on Merseyside.

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