ADA CHYROWSKA Exclusive: Rising star female producer on making a flick starring Luke Goss and future plans


Science fiction films, a drummer and superman aren’t just for boys!

Ada Chyrowska, a young female producer has teamed up with Amar Adatia to produce her latest flick called “Ria” starting Luke Goss, Dean Cain and Jess Impiazzi directed by Richard Colton.

The film takes place in the far future and is led by a strong female character – Jess Impiazzi. It also features Kimberly Wyatt, a Pussycat Doll singer and Sinitta.

Ada began her career in film at a young age and worked on productions across UK, America and Australia. We had a chat with her to find out more!

Q.What drew you this sci-fi project?
It’s the first sci fi film I’ve done! I’ve always been into storytelling and began writing my own stories at the age of 10. I love a good story and this one is unique in a sense that it flips a lot of stereotypes. I have always had an artistic approach to life thanks to my parents and to make this film come to life has definitely been a big achievement!

Q. Is it challenging being a female in the film industry?
This world is definitely male dominated but not for a second I thought that it should stop me. I love what I’m doing and I look past the gender division. You have to stand your own ground and there are many amazing professionals you can always learn from, male or female.

Q. What has been the best part of filming Ria?
It’s definitely been all the traveling we have done! We filmed at the most beautiful locations and we have had some good laughs on set with our amazing crew and cast.

…and what has been the most challenging part?
Jet lag, short nights and long days but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Q.What advise would you give to young aspiring filmmakers?
Just take the first step however big or small and never give up! Have your goal in mind and keep going for it, I promise hard work will always pay off! I see so many people quit because it’s “too hard”. It’s the hardest thing, but also the most rewarding.

Remember how far you’ve come! I’m only at the beginning of my journey but through my passion and hard work I have achieved so much! And I’m only getting started!

“Ria” began production last year in Los Angeles. It is due to be released globally in early 2020.

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