Essex lecturer’s debut feature wins US film award


Mnemophrenia, a feature-length drama set in a future where ever more realistic VR has left us questioning our memories, has just premiered at the 44th Boston Science Fiction Film Festival, picking up a special award, the Festival Director’s Commendation.

The film is University of Essex lecturer Dr Eirini Konstantinidou’s debut feature as a Director. She has previously won awards for two of her short films, Snapshots and I Love You..?

Mnemophrenia is defined as: ‘A condition or a state characterized by the coexistence of real and artificial memories, which affects the subject’s sense of identity’.

The film uses three interlocking stories to show the impact of advanced VR on different generations of the same family. As their real and virtual experiences become almost indistinguishable, the characters descend into psychosis.

Dr Konstantinidou also co-wrote and co-produced Mnemophrenia. She interviewed experts in VR, neuroscience and psychology, then used extensive improvisation to develop the film’s dialogue, in conjunction with her cast.

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