Anna Kennedy OBE praises Autism’s got Talent performer Jasmine Brinkhurst


by Anna Kennedy OBE ||

One of our Autism’s got Talent performers the talented Jasmine Brinkhurst was given an incredible opportunity to record one of her favourite songs ‘Rise Up’ to say thank you to her mum Sue on BBC1’s ‘This is my Song ‘. It was recorded at the beginning of this year .

I was approached by the BBC since they had seen some of our performers from our world known Autism’s got Talent via my social media posts and charity website..

Jasmine and her mum sent in her entry to our show in 2016. It was filmed in her bedroom which is Jasmines favourite place to sing. I was so impressed I asked Jasmine to showcase her beautiful voice at The Mermaid Theatre alongside other performers from across the UK and overseas to an audience of 500 people . Jasmine was amazing and received a standing ovation.

Sit back and relax and listen to Jasmine singing with a choir on the show last night. Surely a Christmas Number 1!

Autism’s got Talent will be in its 8th year in 2019 if you are interested in showcasing your Talent for our show The closing date is Dec 31 2018.

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