The “Kate Petite Bag” bag designed by Freya Rose proves a hit


The “Kate Petite Bag” bag designed by Freya Rose, has been spotted on Kate Moss on more than several occasions over the past few years.

Kate Moss, owns the Freya Rose, handbag in both red and black and has been spotted wearing the subtle unbranded design everywhere from the Cotswolds and during London Fashion Week.

The “Kate Petite Bag,” is a staple wardrobe piece, a classic subtle shoulder flap bag created with luxurious suede. The bag is simple yet practical to take you from day to night.

This bag is utterly beautiful and is sure to make handbag lovers all over the globe swoon. Unfortunately, many of us cannot afford such a luxurious bag as Kate Moss can. The Freya Rose handbag collection is, unsurprisingly, fairly expensive due to its impeccable quality and innovative design. For those of us who are on a budget but can’t resist such a gorgeous bag, there are fortunately many high quality designer replica handbags on the market. All of us can be as stylish as Kate Moss!

Freya Rose
Freya Rose, is a leading shoe and handbag courtier who studied at the London College of Fashion. With an acclaimed jeweler as a mother, Freya Rose, grew up immersed in the world of fine jewelry. The philosophy behind Freya Rose is to create a unique collection oluxurious jeweled shoes using precious stones such as mother of pearl, brass and sterling silver. Each ornate heel takes at least 20-hours to create by craftsmen.

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