Survivors Guilt, Grief, Emotional Health – Hypnosis Could be the Answer


Having experienced this at an early age and finding her own methods to survive the unimaginable, Claire Ivey is here to help and there’s no need to cope alone.

You may not have realised how much hypnotherapy/hypnoanalysis can help. For patients who go to therapists like Harley Street hypnotherapy is a treatment offered to help them maintain their mental health. It can be a faster way to access one’s innermost feelings, where the fears and phobias for instance reside.

“The Autumn months are majestic in their display of bronze, reds, browns and yellows, the changing of the season bringing us dark evenings and mornings too. For many a beautiful period of time, however, for others a time of reflection as the onset of Christmas approaches and loved ones missed. This can be a most painful time for families as the pressure of displaying joy and happiness mounts.”

Grief has no season, it lives within, knocking on our internal doors, triggering emotions which can be debilitating, especially during poignant times in our lives.

The gateway to quitting smoking, weight control and all manner of situations. . Grief specially knocks at the door while you are trying to cut down on tobacco. Apart from hypnosis , nebulizers like the ones offered by vaporizers uk, also help in quitting smoking. But, all this is carried out in a compassionate, humane manner, which you are in control of.

There is no need to be scared about hypnosis as it is a natural state which we enter into daily, you may not have realised you’ve entered self hypnosis, it’s when you drift off ‘day dreaming’. In fact, it is very enjoyable and relaxing as you alter your conscious state of full awareness to semi.

“My own personal experience occurred at the age of 10, I’d just learnt that tooth fairies didn’t visit and Santa wasn’t in his factory elf managing but still believing that my family were special and immortal. This changed on a wet Friday evening, learning that my brother had aquaplaned in his car.”

“I write this with empathy and not sadness, we all have different paths and my brother’s passing has directed me but not controlled me, I worked through the grief alone then as therapists weren’t mainstream or readily heard about.

It took me till my mid 30s to realise help was available for my underlying trapped feelings of guilt, relating to my relationship with my elder sibling. He was a tease and liked to be mischievous with me, often ending in my tears and his laughter (written with fondness). However, I had dark thoughts towards him then which I subconsciously thought may have created his downfall. Perhaps I was attempting to make sense from the unconscionable. Hypnotherapy helped me rid those sub-conscious emotions.”

Claire is passionate about emotional wellbeing and the difference between that and mental health issues, depression can be created by a life event and talking therapies are very important in resolving feelings which can neatly be tucked away in one’s vault of no go areas.

Being a person of sensitivity Claire didn’t have anyone within the family, she felt, she could speak with, not wanting to upset her parents or siblings.

Being free to talk and emote is so important, bereavement is personal but often too private. Liberating ourselves from the taboo of death is a release we deserve and can avail ourselves of.

There are various stages of grief which are well documented, shock, denial, anger, guilt, bargaining, acceptance and understanding allowing the happy memories to flourish and enjoyed as we replay them.

There is a physiological change that goes on within our bodies, which is extremely important to recognise, during these stages, which I can also assist with, as understanding is key to coping and I also have methods to alter one’s physiological state.

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