Meet Frank Khalid, the Essex businessman working with Mark Wahlberg


With the sort of resume that Essex entrepreneur Frank Khalid has, its safe to say success has been the one byword that runs through his CV!

The entrepreneur famed for being at the helm of retail operation Elbrook Cash & Carry was approached by Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg & music mogul P Diddy to sell their water Aquahydrate in the UK.

Frank who quickly struck up a friendship with both Diddy and Wahlberg agreed to sell the water brand.

Aquahydrate water has since its release gained critical acclaim, it is a high Alkaline water with PH of 9 plus.

In a candid interview this morning, award winning entrepreneur Frank who lives in Essex told us “For me it’s an honour to be in business with two worldwide icons, we have seen great popularity in the water and I see a long fruitful business relationship with Aquahydrate”

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