Inside the app which can help you find your match for the Randox Health Grand National


The world’s most famous race, The Randox Health Grand National, is just days away, and the excitement truly is growing both on and off the turf!

Watch this hilarious video as the stars of the sport weigh in to give their thoughts on the upcoming big race. Hear straight from the horses mouth Facebook status as Blaklion, Minella Rocco, Tiger Roll and more are preparing for Saturday’s race and how Great British Racing’s Mane Match web app can help you find your perfect match for the Randox Health Grand National.

The exciting tinder-style app gives punters a helping hand in picking their horse for the world’s most famous race.

It includes all 40 horses taking part, with users being able to narrow down the search for their perfect horse using filters based on name, age, silks colour and chances and then swiping left or right, or ‘yay’ or ‘neigh’, through the profiles until they find their dream horse.

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