Essex & Suffolk Water helps customers avoid Blue Monday money worries


The January Blues will reach their peak today (Monday 15 January), on what is claimed to be officially the “most depressing day of the year.”

Dubbed Blue Monday, January 15 is the date that most people will supposedly start to feel the sting of the cold dark nights, the failed New Year’s resolutions and the post-Christmas money worries.

With the potential arrival of the unpaid credit card bills due to hit this week, Essex & Suffolk Water is encouraging customers who are worrying about their finances to take the first step and come forward for help.

The water company developed an industry leading partnership with StepChange Debt charity back in 2014 to support customers in need.

The partnership, which helps customers access free, confidential debt advice and solutions, is part of the SupportPLUS measures Northumbrian Water has in place to provide customers with a range of extra help.

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