Comedian, Joe Pasquale, Turns to His Dark Side for Horror Fiction Debut


Joe Pasquale’s debut book, Deadknobs And Doomsticks is published in hardback on November 30th by Caffeine Nights Publishing. The book is a collection of short stories also illustrated by Joe Pasquale features an eclectic range of tales many of which have a theme of bullying.

“Some of the stories do have biographical elements.” Joe said

“Many draw from my childhood where I was bullied because of my voice. Ironically, my voice became my trademark which hopefully sends a message out there to other people being bullied that difference is not a weakness but something you can turn into a strength.”

Joe, a keen horror fan and film buff began a creative writing and advanced writing course following the start of an Open University degree on Geo Science which he is undertaking.

“On the flight to Australia for I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, I picked up a book entitled Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers and since then I have been embracing new experiences. I’ve learned to fly, parachuted, ran a marathon, learned to box. So I thought what else hadn’t I done and writing this book was an extension of the writing courses I was doing.” Joe said.

The stories each accompanied with a water colour illustration by Joe are as diverse as the drawings themselves.

The tales are set in different decades, centuries and in the future, each with a different perspective and twist on life and the supernatural.

Joe’s surreal dark humour purveys in many of the tales which can be read by young adults upwards with a caution about strong language in some of the tales.

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