Introducing Essex rising star Helen Connelly


by Matt Martino

Imagine if Amy Winehouse, Duffy, Lana Del Ray and Kate Bush were from Essex ?!

Well fear not we have the future right here for you, Introducing Essex rising star Helen Connelly!

Helen began her journey in music as a child and has been following her dream full-time since performing at an open-mic night, where she witnessed the audience fall silent in awe. 

Her genre – a fusion of jazz, soul and blues with a tinge of pop is truly unique and leaves you wanting more of the trendy vocal offering.

Helen is currently exploring the next steps in her career, hoping to collaborate with writers and artists, as well as explore new genres and sounds for future projects. She tells me “It’s my dream to perform at a festival such as Glastonbury or work with someone as amazing as Mark Ronson!”

Helen Connelly’s latest EP, Garden Of Kisses, is available for pre-order now:

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