Leading film festival to celebrate rise of black filmmakers


by Tasha Turner

A leading film festival is hoping to drive forward the message that black lives matter. Fact!

The British Urban Film Festival supported by BT focuses its schedule on Friday 8th September on 8 short films which epitomise the desperation, trauma and hurt that the global black community feels and has experienced, mirroring the grief perpetuated for the past 450 years.

The revolution of the Black Lives Matter activist group who’s contribution is made explored through STAY WOKE – directed by Laurens Grant which premiered originally on BET, shines a light on the political and social deterioration of the black community in the united states.

Screening Date: Friday 8th Sept 4-6pm
Venue: BT Tower, 45 Maple Street W1T 4JZ
Tickets and details for the event can be found here: www.britishurbanfilmfestival.co.uk/tickets

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