Freeport Braintree – “The Heavenly Shopping Experience In Essex”


by Matthew Martino \\ Features

Perhaps the only way is Freeport, atleast for my shopping needs – I found my recent visit to Braintree’s luxury shopping escape every bit relaxing and fulfilling.

With some time to kill on a weekday morning I began my journey to Freeport, being a non-driver the Stratford to Freeport Braintree train offered a 40minute journey that got me right to the doorstep.

Being a first time visitor to this heavenly escape I was initially worried about getting lost however I encountered numerous maps and signs from the station which is a mere 2minute walk to enter the gates of this lovely shopping experience.

The Best Bits:

– I could actually ship in peace, unlike other shopping centres I have been to where you are lumbered with leafletting and pushy pop-up sales people, this wasn’t the case at Freeport, I walked around without the fear of being handed a piece of paper I might not find useful!

– There is a wide selection, ok my funds where limited (being a public servant and all that) but I actually managed to enjoy shopping in NEXT, The Perfume Shop, Chapelle and Cadbury. With brands such as Boss, Billabong, Marks & Spencer, Bench, Ben Sherman & Betty Barclay and many more you can be sure to find something that tickles your fancy.

Finally before my departure I stopped by the Tourist Information Centre were I excercised my journalistic duties by grabbing a variety of leaflets and booklets on offer about various Essex theatres, eateries and holiday spots.

The Verdict: 5/5

Freeport Braintree is The Heavenly Shopping Experience In Essex. For a hustle free escape where you can shop in peace – why look anywhere else ?

Fancy popping in?

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