DJ P Montana is championing the industry


by Simon Phetter

It’s not every day that I have something good to say about someone so here we go!

As a great connoisseur of Soundcloud I’m always on the hunt for the best in all things R&B, HipHop and a bit of that Afrobeats, after hours of searching through the various mix offerings on the App I bumped into DJ P Montana, the first mix I listened to took me to another world.

I then listened to another and it was just banger after banger, Migos, J Hus, Drake, Kojo Funds and all of dat, all of dat was all over his mixes, hands down one of the best DJ’s I have listened to, track transition and the points he chooses to go to the next just take you to another level.

My train ride to the office from Stratford to Chelmsford is now just one massive dabbin session, literary I’ve caught the dab-fever from DJ P Montana’s mixes !

I’m not saying the only way is P Montana but one thing for sure we will be watching this talented DJ on the rise …

Wheel it up nuff DJ, dem fi need to know ??

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