Prestigious Churchill Fellowships awarded to Designers


The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust has just awarded three Travelling Fellowships to people working in the applied arts in interiors, product and graphic design and architecture.

The UK has the second-largest design sector in the world and the largest design industry in Europe.

This is the third year of a partnership with the British Council, during which time 16 Fellowships have been awarded – an investment of over £100,000 into British designers. Past projects have included research into prison design, glazed architectural ceramics and optimising housing density through high-rise living.

This year’s award winners are:
Alpa Depani, an architect from Hackney, who will be travelling to Hong Kong, Japan and the USA to explore approaches to the design of public realm in global cities.

Anna Raymond, from Glasgow, and Project Manager and Community Consultant for creative consultancy Pidgin Perfect, who will be travelling to Canada and the USA to investigate approaches to empowering women from disadvantaged backgrounds to work in the design sector.

Pras Gunasekera, Designer and Researcher from Edmonton, who will be travelling to Germany, the Netherlands and Norway to research prison resettlement and rehabilitation practices using design methods.

Julia Weston, Chief Executive of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust said:
“Churchill Fellows travel globally and return with innovative ideas and a commitment to sharing their findings to help others in the UK. These designers will contribute to the booming UK design industry through identifying outstanding international design and incorporating it into their own work.”

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