The wine bottle and glass holder that’s got people talking


Who knew 2017 would be the year we get to save our precious Chardonnay or bottles of red as a new wine and glass holder designed for picnics and those days at the beach has got people talking.

This new wine bottle and glass holder will keep your wine sand free all summer, perfect for any al fresco dining on the beach, in the garden,countryside or at festivals.

Its designed to hold a wine bottle and 2 glasses, it is this year’s wine drinkers’ essential picnic gadget.

The last thing you want is sand in your Chardonnay, after all! No need to worry about outdoor eating on a slope – losing wine as glasses tilt over on uneven ground is a thing of the past.

Barry Hodges from Homestead and Garden said “We already make a range of wine glass holders, so it was a natural development to create a combined bottle and glass holder.”

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