EXCLUSIVE: David Weekender talks about 2017 plans and new TV show in candid chat


By Simon Phetter

David Weekender, head rep of hit ITV2 show Ibiza Weekenders spoke to me about how the show is going, his future plans for 2017 ! Enjoy …

Q) Hello David, we are massive fans of you on ITV2 Ibiza Weekender how are you coping with being the Head Rep and being in charge of your friends?
DW) Hiya! Thank you I’m glad your enjoying it, I absolutely love being head rep and it’s such a good opportunity for me, however it can be quite awkward having to tell your mates off when they’re not doing their job.
But I got over it quickly and now it’s so easy!

Q) Last series was your first season as a Ibiza Weekender club Rep how did you get the promotion to Head Rep this time around?
DW) In the last series Jordan was head rep but he left due having a girlfriend, so that meant that Deano was in charge but he didn’t think it was for him. So me, Imogen and Craig all had a trial to be head rep, then all the reps had to vote for who they thought would be the best head rep.
I was the chosen one!

Q) The show is at the half way point and there has been plenty of drama already, can you give us any teasers and spoilers of what we can expect for the rest of the series?
DW) Well this series has just been amazing from the start and as you all know I’m bringing a new Rep in. So hopefully they will be a perfect addition to my team, all I’m saying is expect the unexpected it’s such exciting TV!

Q) On last nights episode the writer and producer of Benidorm Derren Little tweeted about the show and some of the cast were tweeting about Ibiza Weekender, we see a resemblance to Benidorm’s Hair Salon Owner Kenneth, would you ever want to appear in Benidorm and what role would you like if you could choose?
DW) OMG I know I saw it all! Benidorm is so funny and I think that I would be perfect for that show! If I was able to choose my own role it would be either Kenneth’s younger brother, or someone opening a rival salon within the resort.

Q) We see your busy on PA’s in Clubs and Bars around the Country at the moment, which town or city would you like to visit and why?
DW) 100% Newcastle because I’ve never been and I’ve heard it’s supposed to go off!

Q) Can you tell our readers where do you get your clothes from and your style inspiration from David?
DW) My style is very unique and I wear a lot of sports leggings from Adidas. I also wear clothes from Topman, Zara and Jacamo. I get a lot of clothes sent to me from different independent clothing brands.

Q) What other reality tv shows would you like to appear in? We think you would be brilliant on Celebs Go Dating, I’m A Celeb, Celebrity Big Brother and Release The Hounds. What are your thoughts?
DW) Well I mean I’m am single so Celebs Go Dating would be a good one, I’m a Celebrity would be so hard but I literally wouldn’t be able to do any of the tasks so that would be hilarious to watch.

I would be amazing in Celebrity Big Brother honestly because I’m so fun all the time I’d literally be the perfect housemate and I’m a CBB SuperFan.

Wow Release the hounds? I mean I would not be able to do that running unless I started the gym, but I’m open to offers depending on the show.


Q) We see on your social media pages your a big fan of beauty treatments can you tell everyone who does your procedures and what do you have done?
DW) Yes I love my beauty treatments!

Firstly I have my Cryotherapy which is usually at The Ainscow Spa in Manchester but I also go to Leeds. I have my brows micro bladed by Louise Belle from Liverpool and I also get my lips done by Flawless Cosmetics in Liverpool and my MakeUp I regularly use Kate Hayes who has her own Beauty Academy in Liverpool, also the talented Sean Maloney who is based in Manchester and when I’m in Birmingham I visit Pura Vida in Sutton Coldfield.

Q) When is your next PA David we would love to come and cover it for Essex Magazine?
DW) My next PA is at Vibez924 in Oldham, Manchester on the 31st March! Come see me get down!!!!!!!!

Q) Who is your Celebrity Crush and why?
DW) My Celebrity crush has got to be either Alex Bowen because he’s just a god! Or Danny Dyer because he’s such a man with his sexy southern accent! I love he southern accent.

Q) Finally what does the next few months hold for David Weekender, what are your plans and tells us what is your next TV show?
DW) Well my manager is in discussions with a few different TV shows but I cannot disclose them yet just watch this space…

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Thanks Love
David Weekender

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