Hayley Weekender Talks Work & Play In Exclusive Interview


We caught up with new Ibiza Weekenders star Hayley to find out how the year is going and what’s the latest.

Q1) Hayley you are Ibiza Weekender’s new star Rep, how did you cope as the newbie and working with big names like Imogen and Jordan?

A) At the end of the day they are all just normal people who have done well for themselves and everyone was really easy to get along with and down to earth, I enjoyed working with them all. 

Q2) With 3 episodes in, you have been at the centre of some juicy storylines, how do you feel you have come across so far?
A) I have been myself and I have stayed real throughout the whole series so hopefully I’ve come across that way on TV.

Q3) ITV2’s trailer preview for last night’s episode looks the most explosive yet, you are involved looking at the sneak preview clips, what exclusive can you give Essex Magazine?
A)Without giving too much away! All of the episodes are packed with drama. Although this weeks went off!!! With Laura getting sacked and Imogen and Deano working things out I stay aside and look after the guests ?

Q4) How did you feel being in Ibiza, having cameras following your every move 24-7 your only 19 years old it must of been daunting at times? 
A) You get used to them after a few days and it’s like they are not even there I was at ease to be honest. 

Q5) As a pretty young Girl you must like what any normal 19 year old does, clothes, clubbing, make up etc… Tell our viewers and readers which clothing brands are your favourites, and what make up do you use? 
A) I like all kinds of clothes really I mostly shop at MissGuided and BooHoo and I get my make up from a variety of shops.

Q6) If you could have dinner with 3 famous celebrities who would you choose? 
A) Zac Efron  

Channing Tatum

Simon Cowell 

Q7) Where is your favourite holiday destination?
A) Obviously Ibiza 

Q8) We have noticed your busy doing PA’s up and down the Country with your Management, which Town/City would you like to party and make a Public Appearance at? 
A) Somewhere in Wales or Scotland.

Q9) What else can we expect to see on Ibiza Weekender for the rest of the series? Any exciting storylines and do you get with any of the other reps? 
A) A lot of twerking and plenty of drama.

Q10) There are some massive reality shows that you could do for example Im A Celeb, Big Brother, Strictly Come Dancing? Would you participate in any of them and if so which ones?
A) I’m a massive fan of Big Brother and I would love to do the show if I ever got the chance and also I’m a Celeb would be sick! 

Q11) Finally what does this year involve for Hayley Weekender?
A) Lots of new things are going to be happening this year I am in talks with lots of exciting things to happen on TV.

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