Danny Bennett on Celebs Go Dating: “If you want to waste an hour of your life it’s worth a watch”


I spent my Monday evening watching the new series of Celebs Go Dating, Was I impressed NO!!

So the reality stars on the show… firstly Bear, I suppose you have to take him with a pinch of salt due to his tv history, rude, sexiest, and really doesn’t care what anyone thinks… says it how it is!! For example “Are all your minges shaved” not the sort of pick up line I’ve heard before but #BlueLips &

#Blondie fell for it, for some unknown reason!! 

Now let’s move on to Fern McCann… well just a female version of bear, don’t you think?! The conversational skills of a monkey!! 

Not as out there with blatantly snogging people but still very crude and rude, all she did was talk about pissing, sex babies… also when she dumped the guy on the phone, he really didn’t care SO GET OVER IT LOVE!!! 


Jorgie Porter… seem like a nice girl, at least she is a celeb in her own right coming from Hollyoaks with an acting back ground!! But isn’t she full of shit!!! She walks into the room saying how shy she is the next thing she’s kissing all the guys and ignoring and blanking all the girls… #BlueLips aka Stacy went to say hello and she just clean blanked her!! It was funny but very rude!!

Then we had the new kid on the block Perri…. nice kid, shy, seems genuine and I really hope he finds a nice girl!! The only thing I would say is… 

Perri your 21 now mate not 12 it might be time to hit the barbers, a new look wouldn’t go a miss kid! 

The best part of this e4 show for me & lots of other views as seen on social media was the narrator… he was spot on, very quick, no messing about, said what he saw… what a legend…

I’d rate Celebs Go Dating a 3.5 out of 10, really weak tv!! If it wasn’t for the Narrator being so funny it would of got a 1 out of 10!!

So all in all, if you want to waste an hour of your life it’s worth a watch purely to hear the narrators comments!!! He will have you in stitches, but apart from that I really wouldn’t bother!! 

Danny Bennett

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