Police and partners hold a community day in #Southend


As part of the Southend Community Safety Partnership (SCSP) a community day of action is being held today in York Road, Southend-on-Sea, to support its residents.
Following the success of the first community day of action held in York Road in November, a second community day is being held today, January 4, from 10am till 10pm bringing together a number of agencies to provide advice, information and support to residents and to tackle crime and disorder. 
As part of the Operation Stonegate initiative, we will be joined by a number of partners including BID Rangers, Street Pastors, private sector housing, regulatory services, Youth Offending Service, South Essex Homes and Family Mosaic. 
Along with a number of agencies offering support, a litter pick will be carried out throughout the day in partnership with Essex Community Rehabilitation. 
Inspector Bill Potter, said: “York Road has many challenges and it is currently the residential street of greatest demand to statutory authorities. There are some very happy well established and long-term residents, but it is also a transient environment accommodating many vulnerabilities. 


“We would like to support the more responsible residents by improving their living environment; help the more vulnerable with appropriate services and apply the right enforcement pressure to those who contribute to crime and disorder. Operation Stonegate is a joint approach to these issues borne out of the Community Safety Partnership and involving statutory authorities, landlords and other outreach services.”      
Mark Flewitt, Executive Cllr for Public Protection, said: “The first Community Day led by the SCSP was a real success with many agencies spending time with the residents of York Road, engaging and discussing solutions to any concerns they may have. I am very pleased to see the next event taking place so soon after.
“The Operation Stonegate initiative, developed by the SCSP aims to address some of the social issues in the locality together with crime and disorder, and so again there will be a range of services for people to talk to and receive advice and information from, including the private sector housing team, waste management, South Essex Homes and Essex Police.”


Simon Ford, Community Safety Manager for SCSP, said: “We feel that it is important to keep up the momentum in this area and follow on from the success of the first day to support the residents of York Road through a range of support services and targeted enforcement action.


“This second day of action will see a number of agencies under the Southend Community Safety Partnership (CSP) banner come together to tackle some of the current challenges that residents and businesses in York Rd have experienced in the last few months.”

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