JACK JOHNSON: “I think the producers should get me on the show!”


By Jack Johnson


Back for another Season is ITV Sugar Free Farm, where you see different celebrities living on a farm living withOUT sugar!

I absolutely love shows like this because it gives me that kick up the ass to get my self healthier & motivated.

My favourite celebrities on the farm this year are definitely TV Gold Miss Gemma Collins & Britain’s Got Talent legends Stavros Flatley!

Where the hell do I start or begin with Gemma Collins a.k.a. always being on the diet gal & best known for being a total Diva on the program The Only Way Is Essex!
Me personally I believe Gemma is a lovely person in side & out but she’s on a show where you lose weight & Gemma got to be the first person to gain weight like seriously less of the chatty chatty babe & more of the walking in my honest opinion. But I was loving that Chanel make up you used Gem Gem!!

Columnist: Jack Johnson

Stavros Flatley

The fatties Father & Son duo from 2009 Britain’s Got Talent I absolutely absolutely absolutely love them inside & out honestly, I believe they are doing really really well on the farm especially the Son, oh my God isn’t he gorgeous now days but let’s not go there!

Alison Hammond
Not really a fan of Alison Hammond definitely not my cuppa tea, she was moaning about feeling weak! The women don’t want to lose weight. I wonder if she has still blocked me on Twitter! ?

I’m looking forward to next week’s episode of Sugar Free Farm! I think the producers should get me on the show! Now that would be proper TV Gold.

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