By David Weekender

On tonight’s Let It Shine we saw lots of different people hoping to get through to the next stage to be a part of a new musical.
It was obvious to say that some were perfect for a place in the musical, where others just weren’t suitable for the cut.

Jordan was absolutely amazing, his voice was on point but he just needed to drop the guitar, get his tits out and let loose. I’m sure he was extremely nervous but just have a ball and enjoy yourself.

Also there was Kyle who was brilliant, he had amazing stage presence and was very confident, which is what the judges are looking for. GO ON LAD!

There was a lad singing Grease Lightening. If I’m perfectly honest he was far too confident and I could of done it better myself. Get me on that stage! 
OMG Hercules … An absolute God with an amazing voice, but please turn them water works off man. You were fit until your eyes started flooding.

My favourite was Matt. His voice wasn’t perfect but when he dropped that mic and started going crazy with all them dance moves. I couldn’t help but get up and start skanking myself. He’s a proper crowd pleaser.

I have mixed opinions on the judges tonight. Like I liked Dannii when she was on X Factor but I just feel like she was sitting on the fence every time she spoke. Voice your opinion love! Martin is the same he just grinned the majority of the way through the show giving every act a 4 out of 5.

I love Amber, she interacts with the contestants and makes them feel so comfortable. She dances about and I love that.

OMG Gary. Wow. I swear he’s getting sexier with age! Gary is opinionated and tells you how it is. If your not good enough he will tell you straight and that’s what contestants need to hear. They don’t need mollycoddling.

Overall I think the show was okay. There were times I was up dancing or singing along. But then again some of it was boring, it would help if the judges were more honest.

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