Washington stroke survivor and husband receive regional recognition


A Washington stroke survivor and her husband have each received a Highly Commended Life After Stroke Award from the Stroke Association.

Mother of one, Susan Cossey, was working as a school dinner lady when she had a brain aneurysm followed by a stroke in July 2014, at the age of 58. The stroke left Susan with severe communication difficulties and affected her mobility, meaning she now uses a wheelchair outside her home.

After a stroke around one in three survivors have difficulty speaking and understanding, which can be terrifying and isolating. But with the Stroke Association’s support, people like Susan can find new ways to communicate.

Susan’s husband Alan provides constant care and encouragement to his wife, supporting her with communication and helping her with everyday tasks. Alan slept on a collapsible bed in the sitting room after Susan’s stroke, as she was forced to sleep downstairs due to her mobility issues.

Together, Susan and Alan regularly visit the Stroke Association Communication Support groups, and have since received a Life After Stroke grant from the charity to fund an iPad to help with Susan’s recovery.

Stroke Association co-ordinator, Jane Evans, nominated Susan for the Adult Courage Award and Alan for the Carer’s Award in the charity’s Life After Stroke Awards. Jane said: “Alan’s love and dedication to the care of his wife shines through in everything he does. His constant encouragement has been key to the progress that Susan has made.

“Although Susan was told that she is only likely to be able to speak one or two words in the future, she has been determined to prove everyone wrong. With support from Alan and their dedicated daughter Diane, Susan continues to work hard and we are all so proud of the steps she is making in her recovery.”

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Susan and Alan each received their Highly Commended certificate at a celebratory event at the Marriott Hotel, MetroCentre in Gateshead on Wednesday 07 December.

Peter Moore, Regional Director for the Stroke Association in the North East, added: “A stroke happens in an instant and often changes lives forever. We were thrilled that so many of our community in the North East were nominated to receive a Life After Stroke Award. Our regional event highlights the tremendous courage local people like Susan and Alan have shown in rebuilding their lives after a stroke, or in helping others to do the same.”

The Stroke Association’s Life After Stroke Awards recognise the courage shown by stroke survivors and carers as well as the great work and commitment shown by health professionals, groups and supporter organisations. For more information visit www.stroke.org.uk/LASA

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