#Essex Grime Artist cracks Russia as Joe Corré talks burning his 5 Million Punk collection


By Lorna Onabanjo

Self-made, F*ck you! Recording artist, Sonny Green Smashes Russia Today. You exclusively heard it here first. Sonny Green is taking Essex to Russia. The video premiered on channel Russia Today.

Russia Today’s motto is “We tell the truth about everything” Watch Sonny Lead the uprising of a new Punk era #GRIMEISPUNK.

#GRIMEISPUNK is the brainchild of Sonny, it’s his soul, it’s his passion to empower and inspire and finally get the truth out there. I predict Sonny Green will be in our history books. Study his lyrics, Hear the meaning; Be strong and stand up to be counted and be part of The #GRIMEISPUNK Uprising.

This Sunday 27th 2016 Great Britain will be celebrating 40 years of PUNK. And to honor such an occasion among other events across the country; Joe Corre will be burning his 5 Million Punk collection

In a press conference, yesterday Joe stated:
I will burn Sex Pistols records, clothing and other ephemera on the 40th anniversary of the release of the band’s debut single Anarchy in the UK.

“I’ve been wondering for a long time what to do with it all and I think this is the right opportunity to say: ‘You know what, punk is dead’,” he said.

“Stop conning a younger generation that it somehow has any currency to deal with the issues that they face.
“It is not. It’s dead and it’s time to think about something else.”

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