As Seen on #TOWIE: Rattan Furniture a Must-Have for Garden Parties!


Garden Furniture experts ‘Rattan Direct‘ pride themselves on producing stylish rattan furniture which can be used in gardens, bars, clubs and restaurants and are thrilled to have seen their sun loungers pop up on the TOWIE set. The loungers were featured on this week’s Sunday showing at 10pm, during Liam’s pool party.

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TOWIE has taken the UK by storm with its addictive mix of real life drama and style showcasing. High street stores have been quick to pick up on the popularity of Essex style, producing collections of clothing, shoes and home accessories which mirror ‘the TOWIE look.’ Rattan Direct are delighted that their stylish rattan sun loungers have caught the eye of TOWIE set designers and feel that this is due to their modern, relaxed feel complemented by a classy finish. In many respects, they rival the Gartenmbel Sitzgruppen options that are greatly enjoyed across the globe, including in Germany, that have also made their way to the States in recent years.

Rattan Direct are keen to set up new business links with establishments looking for statement furniture. The company believes that besides being comfortable, bar and restaurant furniture has the power to change the whole impression of a venue. Furthermore, making connections to other garden-related companies will really make the business soar and the number of garden parties really go up. Companies such as the Apex Fence Company work to improve gardens by bettering the appearance and efficiency of fencing, which would be one of the most important features of a garden party. Ensuring your guests are kept both safe and aesthetically pleased is the main aim.

Rattan Direct are hoping to convey the message that, just as Liam from TOWIE had Rattan Direct’s sun loungers as his perfect pool party accessory, so too could their customers. They believe that by having the same garden furniture as the TOWIE stars, their customers will have a great talking point at their own pool and garden parties.

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